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Northwest Pacific Action Plan
Marine Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response
Regional Activity Centre


MERRAC is responsible for regional co-operation in the field of marine pollution preparedness and response in the Northwest Pacific region and is supported by UNEP and IMO. The objective of MERRAC...


Oil & HNS Spill Preparedness and Response

A Hazardous and Noxious Substance (HNS) is defined as any substance other than oil...


NOWPAP Training & Exercise

The 13th NOWPAP IGM (October 2008) adopted the Resolution of the NOWPAP Regional Oil and HNS Spill Contingency Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan)...


Marine Litter

Marine litter is now recognized as a major problem of marine pollution that destroys the ecological, economic and cultural values of the marine environment.



Since its establishment in 2000, MERRAC has built a strong partnership among NOWPAP member states and carried out the designated activities in the field of marine pollution prevention and response in the NOWPAP region, with professional supports from IMO,Understanding (MoU) & Resolution.

FPM Meeting Report

Report of the 23rd MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and the 15th Competent National Authorities Meeting (Video Conference, 7-8 July 2021)

Expert Meeting Report

2021 NOWPAP MERRAC Expert Meeting (10-11 November 2021)

Technical Reports

2021 NOWPAP MERRAC Expert Group Meeting (5-6 July 2021)