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Marine Litter

  • ▲ Guidelines
  • ▲ Brochures on Sea-based Marine Litter: Problem & Solution

MERRAC has carried out the relevant activities designated at the MALITA projects in co-operation with NOWPAP RCU, MERRAC Focal Points, Marine Litter Focal Points and other RACs and also developed the guideline and programme.

MERRAC organized the 1st NOWPAP Marine Litter Workshop in Incheon, Republic of Korea on 8-9 June 2006, back to back with a field trip, which were financially sponsored by Korean Government. The 1st NOWPAP Workshop on Marine Litter provides opportunity to exchange information on marine litter management, and participants were introduced, during the field trip, several exemplary management techniques employed by Incheon City, including a thermal volume reduction system, a purchasing programme known as the Korean Buyback Programme, and various management practices in Incheon coastal waters. MERRAC published the Proceedings and CD format on the 1st NOWPAP Workshop on Marine Litter and distributed to all relevant organizations and experts.

  • ▲ Sectoral Guidelines for Marine Litter Management: Fishing, Commercial Shipping, Recreational Activities, Passenger Ships

Under the MALITA project, MERRAC published the relevant guidelines and documents as follow:

Title of publications
Guidelines for monitoring marine litter on the seabed in the Northwest Pacific region
Guidelines for providing and improving port reception facilities and services for ship-generated marine litter in the NOWPAP region
Sectoral guidelines for marine litter management: Fishing
Sectoral guidelines for marine litter management: Commercial shipping
Sectoral guidelines for marine litter management: Recreational activities
Sectoral guidelines for marine litter management: Passenger ships
Brochure on sea-based marine litter: Problem & Solution

You can download the publications, please click here.