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MERRAC is responsible for regional co-operation in the field of marine pollution preparedness and response in the Northwest Pacific region and is supported by UNEP and IMO. The objective of MERRAC is to coordinate various regional activities relevant to NOWPAP/4: Development of Effective Measures for Regional Cooperation in Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response, among five areas of priority for the implementation of the Action Plan.

In accordance with the relevant regulations at the MoU among UNEP, IMO and MOERI/KORDI concerning the establishment and operation of the NOWPAP MERRAC, and Terms of Reference (ToR) for NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting, MERRAC has been designated to carry out various activities. In particular, MERRAC is functioning as secretariat for the NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meetings, Competent National Authorities Meeting and Expert Meetings.