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Marine Litter

With the successful implementation of MALITA, the 12th NOWPAP IGM (Xiamen, China, 23-25 October 2007) approved the NOWPAP Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter (RAP MALI) for 2008/2009, as the next phase of NOWPAP MALITA (UNEP/NOWPAP IG. 12/7/2). Since 2008, under the RAP MALI activities, MERRAC published the following technical reports:

Period Title of publications
2008 Regional Report on Sea-based Marine Litter
2008 Marine Litter Management: The approach of Incheon City, Republic of Korea
2012 Port reception facilities in the NOWPAP region
2013 Negative Impacts of Marine Litter in the NOWPAP Region: Case Studies
2015 Best Practices in dealing with Marine Liter in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Shipping Sectors in the NOWPAP Region
2016 Understanding of Floating Marine Litter Distribution and Impacts in the NOWPAP Region
2017 Review and analysis of existing floating marine litter prediction models in the NOWPAP region
2019 Understanding of Floating Marine Litter Sources and Flows

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Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter

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