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Dr. Seong-Gil KANG
Director of MERRAC

Ph. D., Marine Environment Assessment

He doubles as a director of NOWPAP MERRAC and Global Cooperation Centre, KRISO. He was the early member of NOWPAP MERRAC and has 20 years of working experience in the field of marine pollution preparedness and response in NOWPAP region. Since 2000, he actively involves in and in charge of various activities related to marine pollution prevention, preparedness and response in the NOWPAP region. He takes charge of overall operations and activities of MERRAC.

Tel: +82-42-866-3620

Dr. Seong-yeob Lee
Senior Consultant

Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering

He is a Senior Consultant of NOWPAP MERRAC and a principal researcher of Global Cooperation Centre, KRISO. He technically responds to the rules and regulations of international organizations and establishes an international platform for cooperative research and other activities. Updates NOWPAP regional contingency plan and its annexes, develop MERRAC strategy plan and new projects.

Tel: +82-42-866-3663

Ms. Siyeon Lee

Master's degree in Linguistics

She works as a consultant for NOWPAP MERRAC and is in charge of collecting, updating, and analyzing marine pollution information in the NOWPAP region. She contacts with UN environment, IMO, other NOWPAP RACs, and other organizations including the regional seas program, in order to enhance the level of regional cooperation on marine pollution prevention, preparedness and response. She manages MERRAC’s PNL and QNL budgets. She also takes duty on MERRAC specific projects.

Tel: +82-42-866-3690

Ms. Haemin Won

Master's degree in Marine Chemistry

She works as a consultant of NOWPAP MERRAC and in charge of oil fingerprint which is a part of a specific project. She develops plans and documents for the oil fingerprint small group expert meeting. She manages and updates the MERRAC webpage, and prepares agenda and meeting documents for MERRAC Focal Points Meetings and Experts Meetings every year. 

Tel: +82-42-866-3654