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NOWPAP Training & Excercise

In order to increase the level of preparedness of the NOWPAP members to jointly respond to major marine pollution incidents within the framework of the Plan, the NOWPAP DELTA (Joint Oil Spill Response Exercise) has been continuously carried out once every two years. The implemented NOWPAP DELTA exercises are as follows;

No. Date Organized members Co-organized members Venue Mobilized resources
1 May 2006 Russia Japan Aniva Bay, Russia 10 vessels, 3 aircrafts, 1 oil recovery ship, 1 helicopter, oil containment and recovery equipment
2 September 2008 China Korea Qingdao, China 27 vessels, 1 fixed-wing aircraft, 1 helicopter, 2 ambulances, 1 emergency command automobile, radar, mobile video transmission devices, communication equipment
3 September 2010 Japan Russia Wakkanai port, Japan 9 vessels, 2 helicopters, radar, mobile video transmission devices and communication equipment
4 May 2012 Korea China Yeosu, Korea 32 vessels, 3 helicopters, 6 oil skimmers and 2,500 meters of oil booms including 1 response vessel, 16 crew members
5 October 2014 Russia Japan Amur Bay, Vladivostok Russia 6 vessels, 3 helicopters including 3 diving boats, oil containment and recovery equipment
6 July 2016 China Korea Weihai, China 18 vessels, 1 helicopter, 2 unmanned aircraft, over 400 personnel
7 October 2018 Japan Russia Maizuru, Japan 9 vessels, 1 helicopter, 1 unmanned aircraft, over 200 personnel