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Specific Project

MERRAC has been carried out to fulfill NOWPAP/4: Development of Effective Measures for Regional Cooperation in Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response, which is one of the five priorities decided by the NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM) for implementation of the NOWPAP Action Plan. In order to facilitate designated mandates of MERRAC, several specific projects have been organized, maintained and entitled as follows;

Period Title of project Leading countries
2002-2004 Sensitivity Mapping Japan
2002-2005 Oil Dispersant Russia
2002-2004 Shoreline Clean-up China
2002-2007 Regional Oil Spill Prediction Model Korea
2005-2006 Regional Mapping of Vulnerable Resources Japan
2005-2009 Minimum Level of Preparedness China and Russia
2008-2009 HNS Response Operation Guidelines China and Russia
2008-2010 HNS Database Korea
2008-2009 HNS Training Manual Japan
2007-2011 Regional Report on HNS Preparedness and Response All members and MERRAC
2010-2013 Legislations and Practice on Marine Pollution Damage Civil Liability and Compensation China
2010-2014 Development of the Practical Assistance Procedure and System Under the NOWPAP Regional Oil and HNS Spill Contingency Plan MERRAC
2012-2014 Development of the Manual on Conduction of Oil Spill Response Operational Exercise Russia and China
2012-2014 Development of Pamphlet on HNS Database and Spill Response in the NOWPAP Region MERRAC
2014-2016 Update of DB on oil and HNS spill response equipment and experts MERRAC
2014-2016 Online pollution reporting system (POLREP) MERRAC
2014-2017 Risk assessment of oil spill incident: Likelihood analysis (Of publishing) MERRAC
2016-2017 Development of MERRAC information system based on the Web GIS MERRAC
2016-2017 Development of information sharing platform on oil and HNS spills in the NOWPAP region MERRAC
2016-2017 Development of a technical report on oiled wildlife response in the NOWPAP region MERRAC
2018-2019 Development of guidelines on the assessment of oil spill response capability in the NOWPAP region China
2018-2019 Development of regional overview on the use of unmanned aircraft during marine pollution response in the NOWPAP region China
2018-2019 Assessment of oil spill emergency preparedness and response for the offshore platform in the NOWPAP region Russia

Expert groups have been formed to implement each MERRAC Specific Project. The NOWPAP members officially nominated their national experts that have profound knowledge to support MERRAC Specific Projects. The expert groups are composed of four experts from each country and the expert of the leading country generally manages the projects in cooperation with other national experts and MERRAC secretariat. MERRAC Specific Projects have covered relevant issues concerning regional cooperative measures to prevention of, prepare for and respond to marine pollution.

  • ▲Technical report on oiled wildlife response in the NOWPAP region (2016-2017)

The technical reports are downloadable. Please click here to download.